Highlights from Monthly Meeting 6-13-2023

Speakers included: David Emadi - Executive Director of State Ethics Commission/Former Douglas County D.A.
Mark Alcarez - District 4 Commissioner
Robert Jones - Candidate for Coroner

After the opening invocation and pledge of allegiance, Linda Cripe kicked off the meeting with some updates including the announcement of our website updates in the works. Valorie McLain has agreed to take on this responsibility and looks forward helping keep the site updated with current and relevant information where people can sign up for membership, get on the mailing lists, see upcoming events, etc.

Kelly Talbot gave an update on the social outreach program initiatives including recent and upcoming events. The Veterans Appreciation event last weekend was a great success in spite of the low turnout. (That was the same weekend that many of our members were in Columbus for the state GOP convention!) One of our members, a veteran, mentioned how thankful she was for the event - remarking that she ran into a fellow veteran friend whom she did not know was living in the area! But thanks to this event, their paths crossed again after all these years, and they were able to catch up

The first speaker was Robert Jones who is running for Douglas County Coroner. He gave us some statistical facts and answered questions about why he is running for office. When asked how many staff members he thinks is appropriate for the coroner's office to function, he responded with how he would operate with a much smaller staff than the current coroner does.

Next Cindy Morley had the pleasure of introducing David Emadi, Executive Director of the State Ethics Commission! He gave us a brief background on his experience and presented us with great overview of how the ethics commission works. Mr. Emadi was met with many questions from members and guests and graciously answered as many questions as possible, gave insights on various topics and additional resources we may turn to for more information. 

Mark Alcaraz, district 4 commissioner
, then gave us an update on things happening in the district as well as throughout the county and with the board of commissioners. Updates included plans for the proposed senior center in Winston, potential changes for county taxes, driver services, changes regarding county spending, and an update on the Foxhall Resort bond (zoom call specific to this issue scheduled for Wednesday afternoon). He was unable to give specifics on some topics but assured us that some very interesting and positive things are in the works!

Ricky Dobbs, Jr. – District 1 Intermim Commissioner was invited but was unable to attend. We plan to have him at a future meeting along with Phil Miller, Intermin Chairman of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

Linda gave us the list of new Georgia GOP officers which includes:
Josh McKoon, ChairmanJason Thompson, National CommitteemanGinger Howard, National CommitteewomanBrian Pritchard, First Vice ChairmanDavid Cross, Second Vice ChairmainCaroline Jeffords, SecretarySuzi Voyles – Assistant SecretaryLaurie McClain – TreasurerJenny Eckman – Assistant TreasurerSalleigh Grubbs, Over 80k ChairKathy Hurley – Under 80k Chair
Thanks to all who were able to attend. Please make plans to be at our next meeting as well as upcoming community events we are involved in. And as always, remember we must continue to do our part to bridge the political divide.